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We are so excited to build and grow our roots here in East, TX! We are dedicated to helping our neighborhoods make the renewable switch to solar and provide any roofing and exteriors needs. We are committed to providing top notch customer service while exceeding standards and expectations.

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Eternal was formed over many years by a group of dedicated and local individuals who felt there was something lacking in the industry in Texas. While other companies focused on undercutting each other or cutting corners to grab market share, we decided to focus on the most important aspect – the customer. Our goal was to provide the very best customer experience in choosing to go solar with Eternal Energy and Exteriors.


Residential Solar

Solar panels can integrate seamlessly into any existing roofing system. They are becoming increasingly common and are a huge step toward sustainability and clean energy. They are also particularly good for sunny roofs in homeowners’ associations that forbid typical solar panels.


Residential Roofing

Today, advanced roofing materials provide an unprecedented range of alternatives offering a great selection of looks and performance. Let the experts at Eternal help you find the best style for you and your home.


Commercial Solar

Most commercial buildings have significant rooftop space and will profit the most from solar panels. We call this rooftop space your biggest idle asset, which is potential revenue generating square footage that commercial property owners should put into use. In our experience, commercial building owners usually see their ROI in 5 years or less.



With one of our affordable solar financing options, we’ll help you to go solar. Solar loan financing allows you to avoid high upfront costs while also giving you control and ownership of your solar system.

Why Choose Us

We began with one goal in mind-to provide our neighbors with a simple and affordable way to get the best solar technology and to offer the experienced care for your homes needs.


This is why we are here!

Workmanship Quality

We hands down, have the best & local installation crews and project managers.


We are dedicated to providing YOU the upmost customer care and respect you deserve.

Commercial Projects
Residential Projects
Hard Working Employees
Happy Customers


“Had the pleasure of working with Eternal and Freedom Forever to get solar set up on our family home we airbnb as a vacation rental just south of Lindale. Was able to get us a great deal on a $0 down solar system. Recommend you speak with this team to get a quote as we found it to be very beneficial.”

John Buckley

“Great company! Did everything they promised. System was best bang for buck in my research. Heaps of communication and delivered on time. Shout out to Alan. He hung around late on a Friday to explain everything to me to the last detail. We went over the work and it was all square and tidy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Alicia Potter
The guys arrived on time and installation was fast and hassle free. The weather was terrible as well so they did a great job. The quality of workmanship looks excellent and the site was left clean and tidy. They gave me an informative introduction to my new system and answered any questions I had. Overall, very happy from first contact with Eternal Energy!
Edward B. Suarez

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Don’t be the last one on the block going solar..

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Need A Free Estimate?

Don’t be the last one on the block going solar..

Get A Free Estimate
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