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Solar Power Harnessed By Eternal Energy

The dream of residential and commercial solar energy was once out of reach for most Texans but now, times have changed since prices of solar panels and inverters have dropped dramatically over the last few years. With tax and utility incentives, home or business off-grid solar power system has become achievable for the majority of people in Texas.

From our very first days offering solar energy installation services to the people of Flint, Palestine, Tyler, Nacogdoches, Longview, Jacksonville, and throughout the state of Texas, we have put a primary focus on honesty and integrity. That’s why we’ve earned the trust of countless clients over the years throughout the state who want to enjoy the immense benefits of solar energy. While there are countless companies out there offering solar power installation services, many use cheaply made products built from low-quality materials. At Eternal Energy, we act as a top solar contractor, ensuring the products we install are of the highest possible quality – every time.

Some of the flexibility of services we offer as a solar PV installer and solar thermal contractor in the Counties of Smith, Cherokee, Anderson, Henderson, Van Zandt, Wood, Upshur, Rusk, Angelina, and Gregg include:

Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems

Grid-tied solar power systems are the most common type of installation.  Grid-tied solar is interconnected with the local utility grid.  Grid-tied solar systems will feed unused solar power back into the grid and draw power from the grid as needed.  It is important to understand because the grid-tied solar system is connected to the local utility grid.  When there is a grid outage, the property will not have power.  Grid-tied systems are best for clients who are looking to save on utilities and invest in their energy future.  

Eternal Energy installs only top-of-the-line, sophisticated equipment that has been tested and rated to be the best in the industry.

Off-Grid & Off-Grid Ready Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar power systems would indicate you have no utility connection whatsoever.  Off-grid ready solar power system would still be grid-tied while the grid is available but capable of keeping the property powered in a grid outage. 

When purchasing equipment for off-grid use, it is important to verify that the equipment is rated by the manufacturer for off-grid use.  Not all equipment is!  One of the key phrases you should check for is “system rated for off-grid use”. Numerous big names have systems with fine print that say if you take your system off-grid for more than two months your warranty will be void. Or, if you don’t keep internet connected to them, your warranty will be void. We urge people to be very careful when shopping for off-grid features.  Off-grid solar power systems require a “whole house” energy management and mechanical design in order to function properly, especially long term. 

Battery Backed-Up Solar Power Systems

Battery-backed-up solar power systems are not the same as off-grid because they are not designed, nor are they rated for long-term grid outages. Batteries provide emergency backup power in the event of a short-term outage.  

A battery-backed-up solar power system would primarily be designed to store any power your panels generate but you don’t use.  Then, at night, rather than purchasing power from the grid, you can then use what is stored in your batteries.  However, Texas has no Time of Use premium, so there is no financial benefit for doing this. 

If your goal is to have power during an outage lasting a day or two, and you are prepared to live conservatively during that time, then a battery-backed-up solar power system would work for you.  If you are seeking to have power to the whole home and/or would like to have sustained power for a long-term outage, you are seeking an off-grid solar power system. 

Generator Diagnostics, Service, and Repair

Lots of companies can sell generators.  However, only a select handful have completed the factory training for service technicians and continuing education necessary to become Authorized Select Generac Certified Service Dealers.  Whether your generator is a Generac brand, or another brand, our team of service members is ready and able to service, diagnose, and repair your equipment. 

System Diagnostics, Service, and Repair

This is one key area that sets Eternal Energy ahead of our competitors. Additionally, we are not exclusive to any one brand.  We install and service a wide array of manufacturers and equipment.  We are often called into service and repair equipment installed by others and we frequently run into semi-functioning equipment that we are able to salvage.  This practice has helped us alleviate a lengthy wait for parts shipment which has been very beneficial during recent supply chain delays.  

Should you find yourself in a need for any form of system diagnostic service or repair, please gather as many details as you can about your system.  This would include brand name, model number, purchase date, installer name, etc.  Then contact us through the “Contact” link on this website.  Service and repairs are typically handled hourly on a time and materials basis.  If panels need to be pulled, we will need a multi-person team and will price accordingly.  We strive to keep service pricing as reasonable as possible while providing one of the only full-service repair and diagnostic firms in a 100-mile radius. 

We have worked on DIY systems, solar thermal systems, solar PV systems, battery backup systems, and many other energy systems. If you have something that is broken or not functioning properly, we would be happy to take a look at it. We offer very competitive rates on our services and will take on many jobs that other firms will not.  

As a certified solar contractor serving Tyler, Longview, Flint, Nacogdoches, and all of Texas, Eternal Energy offers free estimates and energy consultations for our off-grid solar system designs, wind generators, and solar energy installations. We also provide guarantees on our solar systems with maintenance services after the sale and full product and installation warranties. By always selecting the top-quality equipment for every solar system installation, we can ensure your solar power will be there and will continue to provide power, for many years to come.

Think your home or business in Texas could benefit from the power of solar energy? Contact the top solar contractor and installer team at Eternal Energy today to learn more.