Are You Thinking About Solar Panels? 

Solar panels are more than just a trendy home improvement. They are an energy-efficient way to reduce your monthly bills while harnessing the power Mother Nature has provided for free. There are plenty of benefits of installing solar panels, and even major retailers across the country have gotten on board the renewable energy train.

Eternal Energy & Exteriors touches on these and answers common questions about the process.

Can I Afford Solar Panels?

You may have already heard that solar panels can save you money in the long term. But how much will they cost upfront? That depends on where you live. According to Consumer Affairs, solar panels can cost anywhere from about $13,000 up to $19,000 or more. However, that doesn’t take into account any discounts offered by your seller or contractor. It also doesn’t factor in financial incentives offered at the state or federal level. An FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage is one example. If you plan to put solar panels on your new home, this type of loan may allow you to roll the improvement costs into your loan while also taking advantage of your monthly energy savings.

Solar Panel Process

When you’re ready to buy solar panels, it’s not as simple as going to the store and choosing what you want. It’s a process that begins with determining your goals and objectives. Do you want to save money? Are your goals exclusively environmentally-oriented? Talk to your solar panel advisor so that they can give you the best options for your budget.

Once you and your advisor have determined the feasibility of installing solar panels, you’ll want to schedule a day for installation. You may not be able to schedule installation for up to a month after your initial consultation. Then, it can take up to three months for your solar panels to actually get installed. EnergySage explains that this is because your installer has to first apply for a permit, have the work approved, and, potentially, file an application with your local utility company.

On installation day, you can expect minimal disruptions, short of a bit of noise on the roof. It usually takes no more than two or three days to complete even a major residential installation. Something to keep in mind here: It might take longer to install solar panels on a tile roof than a metal or traditional asphalt or shingled roof. While these materials are all great candidates for solar panel installation, some tile may have to be removed to complete the job.

Benefits of Solar Power

If you’re still on the fence about solar panels, maybe these benefits will change your mind:

  • Solar panels are a clean source of energy that do not contribute to air pollution like coal and natural gas. Cleaner air is linked to healthier communities.
  • Having solar panels installed minimizes your reliance on petroleum and other nonrenewable energy resources.
  • Utilizing renewable energy makes you a soldier in the fight against climate change.
  • Solar power puts you one step closer to going off the grid if that’s your goal.

Solar panels are a smart addition to your home. Not only will you save money, but having solar panels installed will also benefit the environment. Cleaner air, money saved, and reduced reliance on outside sources are all compelling reasons to go solar. Plus, you might enjoy some financial perks, such as special mortgages or clean energy rebates. Talk to your advisor about programs in your area that can help you afford solar.

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